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You Matter

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalms 139:14 NIV

You are loved, you are valuable, you are beautiful!

You were fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God for a purpose. Friend, you are a child of the Most High; son or daughter of the One True King. The same God who created the heavens and the Earth, thought the world needed one of you too. The same God you created the stars in the sky knows your name, and He loves you beyond comprehension.

His love is unconditional. It doesn't matter what you've done, what you've said, or what you look like. God still loves you and He always will. Nothing you ever do or say will change how God loves you, and that's what makes His love so different.


God's Love is



God doesn't care what your skin color is; He doesn't care about race or ethnicity. Your skin color isn't an accident or a flaw. It is intentional and beautiful. God made you exactly the way you were supposed to be created and words aren't enough to describe just how amazingly unique you are. He created us all for a purpose and with a purpose. And He loves all of His children just the same, with an indescribable reckless kind of love.

As children of God, we are called to love everyone the same way that God loves us: without boundaries and conditions. We are to love them anyway (Luke 23:34) because God loves us anyway. He loves us even though we don't deserve it. He loves us despite our sins. He loves us through our struggles, our battles, and fights. And, He loves us with an unshakable love that follows us everywhere we go.

So friend, don't ever forget that you are loved, valuable and beautiful.

You matter, not just to the people closest to you, but to your Heavenly Father who created you in His image. And that same Father is asking you to show others the same kind of love He shows you: one without borders that encompasses everyone you meet.


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