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In The Waiting Season

The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. Lamentations 3:25 ESV

Wait. The word every child throws a fit over. I mean have you ever seen a little kid say,"Okay, I'll wait for that toy", when they are in a store? Yeah, me neither.

No one likes to be told to wait for anything. And yet we all find ourselves waiting for something at one time or another. It's inevitable. We ask God to do something or give us something, but He doesn’t always answer our requests as quickly as we want Him to.

Sometimes our desire for things is small and the wait for them is manageable, but other times we struggle to wait patiently because our desire for something is just too big. It's during that time that we should shift our focus to something larger than our desire.

God is larger than our desires and He wants us to keep our eyes on Him while we wait. He doesn't want us to waste the waiting by being disappointed or frustrated. There are lessons to be learned through the waiting, but we can't even attempt to understand what God is teaching us if we have our hearts closed off by negativity.

If we open up our hearts to God by changing our mindset about our circumstances, we allow ourselves to see more of what He is truly doing. By doing this, we can come out of our waiting seasons better than we were when we went into them.

Changing our negative mindset to a positive one can be really hard when we are on our own. But it becomes easier if we pray and ask God to help us (this also applies to pretty much everything else in life).

When I think about being in a waiting season, I like to trade the word waiting for the word believing. There is so much freedom to be found when we change our perspective, and we can help others find that freedom through our actions. When we shift our perspective to belief, the way we go about life changes. We stop dragging our feet in disappointment and frustration, and start walking in joy and confidence.

So instead of saying "I'm so frustrated with God because He's not doing anything" or "My life is horrible right now because I have to wait", try saying "I believe God is going to do something amazing in my life" and "God is teaching me so much through this season". I promise that you will find the waiting much easier when you shift your focus to what God is doing and can do, instead of what He isn't doing or hasn't done. Because friend, having a mindset of belief and faith is far better than having a mindset of doubt and disappointment.

Let's all stop wasting the waiting and open our hearts to God's lessons by swapping the word waiting for the word believing.

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