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In Awe

God comes in awesome majesty. Job 37:22 NIV

Our God is so so amazing!

I've been learning a lot about the human body lately and I've just been blown away by the complexity of it all. There is so much detail and extravagance to what our bodies can do. It's crazy to think that our God simply spoke us into existence with so much detail. Our God is so powerful and amazing! I'm in awe!

There is nothing our God cannot do! If He could create the entire universe and everything in it with so much detail by just speaking, how is anything else too hard for Him?

When I think of God, the word impossible doesn't even cross my mind. All I think about is how awesome He is and that He makes everything possible with His power. Whenever I am feeling weak, I know that I can rely on His strength to get me through. I know that His power will be sufficient for me because it is for everything else.

The amount of good things He has done in my life is reason enough to be in awe. Although I missed a year of sports, God has given me the strength to battle back and play again. He has provided me with amazing uplifting friends. He has given me so many gifts and has blessed me with multiple abilities. There isn't a single thing He hasn't done for me, and everything He has done has been good!

I have seen God in all the little things lately. Just last week, I was golfing and all of these bees were attracted to me. Later that night, I sat down to write about words of life and the bible verse I used was about honey. I have no doubt that God was trying to tell me something at the golf course that day! The bees weren't attracted to anyone else!

I feel so loved and empowered knowing that I have an amazing God watching over me! I am truly in awe of His goodness, His power, and His love. I mean just how crazy is it that the God who created the stars in the sky looks at me and loves me unconditionally!

{This is an appreciation post for God. I'm so in awe of Him that I just needed to share about it. I hope that you feel the same way about Him, and if you don't, I hope this post helps you to. Always remember that nothing is impossible for our God!}


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