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Trust In Him

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 NIV

This year has been anything but normal. The uncertainty wrapped up in everyday has caused stress beyond the typical. The not knowing and all the questions have been difficult to deal with. And it’s been even harder when I try to find the answers on my own even when God already knows them.


God already knows the when, the where, the why, and the how. So why do we feel like we have to find all of those answers ourselves?


My perfectionism and desire for control has caused me to pull everything out of God’s hands and back onto my own shoulders. I‘ve been trying to do everything through my own strength and it has left me feeling empty and exhausted.

I keep trying to work everything out myself, but my efforts are useless. My strength is not enough, and it will never be enough, to do all of things I need and want to do or fight the battles I face.

God’s strength is the only thing that can sustain us in the middle of the storm. His strength is endlessly abundant and unlike our own, it will never fade.

His thoughts, His ways, His plan. He knows how everything is supposed to happen, how everything is going to play out, and where we are supposed to be. Nothing we do or say could ever change His will. We can’t mess up His perfect plan, so why do we continue to feel the need to take control of our lives?

Trusting in Him doesn’t change who God is. He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be for all time to come.

Trusting in Him changes us. It frees us from the worry, obsession, exhaustion, anxiety, fear, depression, and chaos that comes with using our own strength to do everything.

If we learn to let go and trust in Him, we are freeing ourselves to live fully in the here and now. We are free to rest in the knowledge that He is in control and has us held in His loving arms.


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