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My Top 5 Christian Books

There are just some books that speak to you on a whole different level, and for me they tend to be the ones about God. I love to read books that help me become the best version of myself by loving Jesus more. Here are my top 5 christian books as of today:

1. Live by Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson takes you on a journey of life throughout this book. She tackles the biggest questions in life and teaches you what it means to truly live. Through inspirational stories and photographs, Sadie embraces the adventures of life and walks side by side with readers on various topics. She teaches you how to replace the temporary highs with the promises of God, how to dream big and follow your passion, how to celebrate every moment in life, and how to keep going until your story gets good.

2. Love Does by Bob Goff

This book is full of paradigm shifts, musings, and stories from one of the world's most delightfully engaging and winsome people. Love fuels Bob Goff's impact. But it's not the kind of love that stops at thoughts and feelings. Bob is convinced love takes action. He believes Love Does. And when Love Does, life gets interesting. Each day turns into a hilarious, whimsical, meaningful chance to make faith simple and real.

3. Graceful by Emily P. Freeman

For the rule follower, the messy, and the misunderstood. For the self-critic, the silent judge, and the girl who feels invisible. For the girl who is tired of trying and the one afraid to fail. This book and these words are for you. I promise you don't have to be perfect, but do you trust the God who is?

4. Everybody Always by Bob Goff

Bob Goff takes readers on a journey into the secret of living without fear, constraint, or worry. The path towards liberated existence is found in a truth as simple to say as it is hard to do: love people, even the difficult ones, without distinction and without limits. This book points the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, the seemingly impossible.

5. 10 Simple Things to Remember by Marci

Sometimes simple is the best way to go, and this book is a perfect example. Marci has condensed everything she knows about how to live a productive and rewarding life into a list of ten simple things, which will inspire greater happiness and understanding in your life if you remember them. These 10 basic principles remind us that the greatest joys can be found in our relationships with friends, family, and God.

One of the best ways to self improve is to read books that document the lessons other people have learned. We can find so much knowledge and inspiration by studying the lives of others, and taking what they have to say by heart. The bible is full of people telling the story of Jesus and the things He taught them. We all have things we can share to help other people through their journey in life.

I hope you find these books as inspiring, uplifting, and life-changing as I did! :)


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