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Hi Friend! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome! My name is Abby, and I launched this blog in the summer of 2020. I am a high school student and I love to work hard to achieve my dreams (including the creation of this blog). I also have a passion for helping people and I love spending time with Jesus. When I'm not doing either of those things, I love to read, paint, and spend time with family. And, I also like to watch Netflix, but who doesn't?


I am also a three-sport athlete, so free time can sometimes be hard to find. However, I recently suffered from a torn shoulder and underwent two surgeries (so I definitely had a lot of extra time where I was able to do the things I said above). Over the course of my injury, surgery, and rehab, I grew dramatically in my faith and learned some amazing life lessons (which I hope to share with you). If I had the option to change what happened, I wouldn't. The lessons I learned and the relationship I grew with God are so much more valuable than the time I lost with sports.


Amid all of the chaos in 2020, I felt God calling me to bring some positive light into the world, which is why I created this blog. I want this to be an inspiring and encouraging site where teens and young adults can learn to live a life full of peace, joy, and contentment. My hope is that I can inspire you to start living fully through Jesus. There is so much freedom to be gained friend, and I want to help you find it!

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